PPC Services in Noida

PPC Services in Noida

We TopSet apart from providing offer PPC (Pay per Click) services for the businesses all around the Noida, India. We avail exceptional Pay Per Click management services which will definitely cover all the aspects that undergo in the ongoing PPC (Pay per Click) Campaign.

The only aim of us to proffer this paid search is just to make your business get better return on investment as every business success lies in the money they earn back for the money they spent. Our PPC (Pay per Click) marketing strategies are directly proportional to the Google’s Guidelines.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is used to visible your business website on top of your target keywords in Search Engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing).We provide 100% result oriented PPC Services. Our PPC (Pay per Click) Management Services include the best Keyword research, PPC Campaign setup & manage based on low CPC (Cost per Click) & high CTR (Click through Rate), 10/10 quality score, attractive landing page.

We also provide the weekly report. We provides our Google Adwords Pay Per Click Services and Bing Ads PPC Services in Noida for all kind of the business such as astrologers, PPC, real estate, Colleges, education institutes, eCommerce, Tech support, Pharma & health industries etc.

PPC Services in Noida – Still in search of best PPC Services in Noida. TopSet is a team of PPC Experts in Noida those can manage your pay per click advertising Campaign & generate business leads. PPC (Pay per Click) ads are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) such Google AdWords services etc. It’s a paid search that offers instant results in the form of bigger visitors to your website. We are Google AdWords specialist in Noida. We can help you to grow your business online & generate more business leads for your Business.

PPC Strategy

By showing your advertisements in the relevant online areas, Since PPC you pay when your ad gets a click. This raises the ROI to your PPC campaigns. It is among the most profitable advertising channels when it comes to generating high ROI

Ad Copywriting

AD copywriting is basically the art of producing written articles which communicates the visual part of a marketing campaign. AD copywriting relies on the notion of marketing a specific product to a particular consumer audience.

PPC Optimization

PPC optimization is the tradition of Handling, analyzing, refining and finally, improving campaigns which exist inside pay-per-click advertising.

Paid adverts create you visible online in the form of text and image ads. SEM consists of many services such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, PPC (Pay per Click), CPC advertising and more specific factions of paid search advertising like retargeting, and enhanced campaigns. TopSet provides complete support for SEM and make sure that your ads reach out to the right audience to get you more returns.

Benefits of our PPC services

  • search engine marketing
  • Effectively targeted campaign
  • Instant visibility
  • Real time reports
  • Pay only when people take action on your ad
  • Brand awareness

Our Pay per Click service includes, 

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Targeting Market
  • Set up of Google Adwords
  • Testing the Ad
  • Deciding Ad Budget
  • Maintaining Campaign
  • Landing Page suggestions

Our process of SEM

Objective setup

We will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your goals. Based on your requirements, our team will set up adverts to meet your objectives.

Ad plan

We create good-looking ad copies to create you stand out of the crowd. After a detailed research, we will find out exact keywords to display your ads to the right people.

Ad maintenance

With our close and constant monitoring process for your performance of each ads copy, we look for the possible ways to get more clicks.

Tracking results

We keep track of results to know the clients who find your business online and update you by sending relevant reports once in a week.