IVR Service Provider in Noida

IVR Service Provider in Noida

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a vastly used technology right now to make the interaction much easier with the people through machines. In this technology, computers and telephones uses interactive voice to talk to the people when they call. It uses the DTMF or Dual Tone Multi Frequency technology to fill the purpose. And we are here to solve all of your problems regarding IVR services in Noida. This is kind of a one stop solution for the people who want services like this.

Our Agency provides the solution of this technology and serves their customers very well. Our work quality is always top class and people don’t complain about it at all. IVR is a great deal required service right now to cope up with the growing technology in the country. For the technological evolution in the world, everything is turning into machine and we make the machines talk. Interactive Voice Response can help the companies with different voice interaction technology to serve the purpose of different BPOs who interact with thousands of customer’s every day. And this is a very popular service currently. For further details please contact us to avail these services.


The arrival in the VOIP industry is exact. IVR system is automated Voice software which serves as a receptionist or telesales. It saves the time and manpower and at the same time improves productivity and efficiency. IVR is proving to be the most effective system in client support in the office.

Interactive Voice Response System

Ensure specific guidance for your clients by setting up IVR on a cloud for your communication!

Implement unique voice answer solutions for your business today and save valuable client time by enabling them to reach out to correct team straight away! Adopt smart interactive trends and direct your clients based on their caller response. We offer diverse IVR services based on your necessities and handle automated greeting and response based directions for your customers. So get an effective automated interactive response system and touch your client queries with ease. TopSet has become a vital component of communication answer for organizations global.

TopSet is one among the leading IVR solution service provider in Noida. IVR is appropriate for all small or big business who wants to grow their business with our effective cloud based telephony service.

IVR solution service provider in Noida to engage and connect with your potential customers

IVR service was careful as one of the majority expensive service; only multi-national companies could afford the IVR service for their business. The technology has become so advanced at the current stage and made has made cloud communication services so approachable.

IVR system can help the viewers to connect to accurate support channel they require. TopSet provides a perfect package to build an interactive voice-menu suiting your needs in your preferred language.

Benefits of IVR solution provider in Noida

  • Sound professional
  • Call routing
  • Cost effective
  • Minimal investment
  • Custom voice option

Why choose us?

  • Pay as you go
  • Easy activation
  • Simple interface
  • Powerful CRM
  • Auto response option
  • Real time reporting
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unique customer support
  • Get email and sms alerts after each call
  • Recorded voice conversation save option
  • Multiple channels to avoid the traffic during calls

Powerful functions and features you can trust on

  • Brand Image
  • Play
  • SMS
  • Record
  • Missed Call
  • Dial
  • Mail
  • Conference
  • Timing
  • Script
  • Menu
  • Time & Date